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Hello, this is Skip DiCerchio. I’m a 45-year veteran of law enforcement, and retired Police Chief of National City. I have Pioneer Security and I would just like to tell someone how satisfied I am with Howard, and Robyn, and Terry and everyone that I talk to there. They give me absolute, magnificent service. They are not hesitant to spend time with me, at my convenience, to solve any kind of problem so I don’t have a service cell. However, when I do have a service call, it is taken care of immediately and much to my satisfaction. I just simply can not say enough good things about Pioneer. I have recommended them to my elderly mother-in-law for an alert, that she carries. And she feels so much more secure than she had previously. And my wife simply does not have to be so worried about her ever since she got the alert. I certainly give Pioneer, Howard and his team, five stars! I couldn’t say anything better for them. Thank you so much.

Skip DiCerchio, Retired Police ChiefNational City, CA